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Good morning! We've had two children at Children's Studio: our first son who's now nine, and our younger son who's now four, and they both had a wonderful experience. They learned a lot, and we always felt that they were safe, and happy - which is what we were really concerned about. So I heartily endorse Children's Studio!

My name is Meagan I have two kids at Children's Studio who are about to graduate and go off to kindergarten and they are happy and ready to go. We have been going since they were 22 months old and it has been a great ride. They have always been happy, stimulated and I have always been sure that they are safe and well loved.

My son started at the Children's Studio when he was two. We absolutely love it. He brings home wonderful pictures every day, and we're going to keep him here all the way to Kindergarten. We highly, highly recommend the Children's Studio.

Hello my name is Danielle and my son Morgan has attended the children studio since he was two years old and now he’s four. We love this program, he has really blossomed and every day he learns so much and comes home and shares all these things with me and I cannot recommend this program enough.

What do I like about Children's Studio? Well, my daughter has been here almost two years now, and the things that I like about Children's Studio are the things that she is learning, and the teachers. They are excellent! There are so many different things that she does as far as the art, from the music, from the recitals that they do. And her educational experience has been just exceptional. That's what I love about Children's Studio.

I have two children at the Children’s Studio: My daughter is in pre-k and my son is two years old. And I think over the past year they have really done amazingly well. My daughter has become so much more confident in this kind of a small setting that has really given her so much over the past year and my son has just loved it. I have just felt so good about putting them… They have been in such good hands here both the care and the education they are getting is just great. Just Terrific.

What some parents and past students at the Children's Studio have been saying.

We painted a lot at the Children’s Studio. What I remember is that even though we were very young somehow they showed us how art, math, and science are connected. All these years later but in a different way, I relearned the same thing in my Theoretical Physics class. I think the Children’s Studio was ahead of its time. Oh yes, I also liked running around the track too.
— Stephen (21)

Over a 9-year period, our 3 sons attended the Children's Studio. They thrived and loved it there! Dr. Jane Carr and her team provide a high-quality, stimulating, creative, age-appropriate learning environment. The curriculum prepares children well for Kindergarten, providing them with the knowledge base and confidence to succeed. Attention to health and safety is always a priority. As busy working parents, we never worried about the boys and felt fortunate to have such a wonderful place for them to learn and grow.

Paula Doyle &James Bradley

— Stephen (21)

The Children’s Studio didn’t just prepare our child for kindergarten. Of course, she learned all of the usual things, beginning math and reading skills etc., etc. but she also learned about compassing, responsibility, beauty, table manners, leadership, and so much more. They focused on the total child. It was a great place for her.

— Allen C.

We mixed corn meal, cheese, and some other stuff together. Then we wrapped it in cornhusks and cooked it. They tasted really good. My teacher said they are called humitas. In Peru they eat them all the time. I like it when we cook in school. 
— Mark (5)

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